Board Meeting Minutes-September 20, 2009

Board Members Present – Larry, Eric, Doug, Frank, Ron, Christian
Board Members Absent – Tricia
Members Present – Ken Lewis, Snow Manager (8:30 AM – 9:00 AM)

Secretary’s Report – Approval of the Minutes for the August Meeting was deferred until the next meeting to permit additional time for discussion of important Agenda items.

Treasurer’s Report/Discussion – None

Old Business
Snow removal / Unimog disposition for 2009 – 2010 snow season.
The Board reviewed total costs for operating and maintaining the Unimog for the last two snow seasons.  The following options were under consideration: a. Contract with a dedicated operator / maintenance person; b. Organize and train volunteer operators; c. Some combination of a. and b.; Contract with a snow removal service and either park the Unimog for one year or sell it.  It was decided to pursue option a, however further research and discussion was necessary.  A Snow Committee was formed , which consists of Board Members Larry Wall (Chair) and Eric Parker and snow manager, Ken Lewis, to obtain additional information prepare options for consideration by the entire Board at next meeting.

Meek Road water project final report and discussion.
Larry reported that the Project had gone well and was completed in a timely fashion and costs were close to the Project estimate provided by Lloyds Logging.  The Board then revisited whether costs to lower and insulate individual service lines between the system line and the member’s property line and to add a stop and waste should be billed 60% to the member and 40% to the Association as had been previously decided by the Board.  It was moved, seconded that i) for the Meek project, the Association pick up the entire cost of that part of the service line work and ii) that a policy draft be prepared and circulated to Board Members, describing how costs of future Association water projects would be handled.  Ron agreed to prepare and circulate a first draft. Once approved by the full Board, that policy will be included in Meeting Minutes or otherwise be published to the Membership.

Delinquent members; collection approach and Finance Policy.
Time expired before this item could be reached for discussion.  Research will be done to determine current status of the Finance Policy proposed earlier.  These topics will be raised at the next meeting of the Board, however a Finance Committee of the Board was established to do the preparatory work necessary for efficiently address these items at the next meeting.  That Committee includes Doug (Chair), Eric, Christian and Ron.

New Business:
The following additional Ad Hoc Board Committee was established to facilitate operation of the Board
Finance Committee: Chartered to complete drafting of Finance Policy and submit result to the full Board.  Also chartered to consider how to address accounts receivable, i.e., delinquent dues and present recommendations and options to the full Board. Members are Doug, Eric, Christian, Tricia and Ron, with Doug as the Chairperson.
Snow Committee: Chartered to assess snow removal options for the 2009 – 2010 snow season and to develop and present recommendations to the full Board.  Members are Larry, Eric and Ken Lewis, with Larry as Chairperson.
Runway Committee: Chartered to address runway desires and requirements.  Members are Eric, Cliff Hulk, Rudy and Tricia, with Eric as Chairperson.

Next meeting: A Special Meeting/Teleconference of the Board will be held on October 4, 2009 at 8:00AM.

Meeting adjourned at 0940.

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