Board Meeting Minutes-November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009

Board Members Present: Tricia, Frank, Doug, Eric, Ron, Christian, Larry

Board Members Absent: None

Meeting Agenda: Newsletter, Snow Removal Contract Status, Winter Rules Advisory, Finance Policy, Property owner map, Recycle options

Newsletter – Ron:  The board discussed the cost of sending newsletters and mailings through the year.  The board felt that sending a postcard stating our intent to post the newsletter and other information on the LRAA website in the future. This would save the expense of postage and time to prepare the mailings.

Snow Removal Contract StatusLarry, Christian:  Roy would like to continue discussions with the intent of arriving at an agreement by the end of the temporary contract. The remaining issues appear to revolve around greater latitude with the training language, having a back-up and length of contract.  The board’s real concern is that we will have no one trained to run the LRAA equipment should something happen to Roy. The intent is to have a 2009-2010 snow season contract signed by end of the month.

Larry and Christian were authorized to continue negotiating along the guidelines below. Larry was authorized to sign the contract on the behalf of the board:

1) OK to remove current training language from out of the contract but retain the 2008 contract language requiring adequate staffing to keep the roads clear.

2) The LRAA should reserve the right to use the Uni-Mog for training purposes.

3) Keep the length of the contract at one year until the board feels more comfortable with the number of trained back-up operators.

Winter Snow Rules Ron: With snow on its way, it is time to post the Winter Snow Rules on the web site. The board discussed specifically addressing the operation of snowmobiles within the LRAA boundaries. Snowmobile operation should be limited to reasonable hours and speed limits on the roads still apply.

Approval of past Minutes

Motion made and passed to approve August, October, September and Special October Board meeting. The minutes were approved with six approving and one abstaining.

Finance Policy Review Doug: Discussion ensued of the most recent draft of the finance policy. Water connection rights were also discussed. Although certificate of water rights exist, not all who have water rights have a certificate.

Property Owner Map – Doug: Doug has The County Map of property owners does not match our records.  There appear to be six additional property owners that are not on our LRAA records.  A deed search would yield the legal owners that the county recognizes.  The LRAA agreed to pay for the deed search and discuss next steps including the update of our records and how to approach these property owners.

Recycle Tricia: With the new company, Methow Recycling Round-up contacting residences in the valley, LRAA is considering opportunities to bring recycling back. Tricia will talk with Casey Buchard to gather additional information and a proposal from Methow Recycling Round-up.

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