Board Meeting Minutes-July 18, 2010

These minutes were approved by the board on September 4, 2010.

Board Meeting Notes:  Final
Lost River Airport Association
Date: 7/18/10 8:30 am

Board members present: Walt Mauldin, Frank Cech, Kevin Latorra, Gary Ford, Keith Parker, Christian Kar, Nina Jahne, Tricia Cook

Board members absent: Doug Simpson
Others Present: None

Quorum Established:  Yes

Items Discussed:

1.  Approval of the previous meeting minutes:  Approved

2.  Confirm next meeting:

The board decided to forgo the August meeting.

September 4th, 2010 in Lost River:  Available Board Members: Christian Kar, Frank Cech, Gary Ford, Kevin Latorra, Nina Jahne, Tricia Cook, Walt Mauldin.

Doug Simpson: Unknown
Keith Parker: Tentative

3.  Public Forum

We have no issues or comments from the membership as of today.

4.  President’s Business

LRAA work priorities

  • Web page, communication & delinquent accounts.  Gary has posted the minutes from the prior meetings.  See communications committee report from Tricia.
  • Cycling of officers.  We need to prepare for future years by determining officer’s potential roles for the following fiscal year.  We will do this by January.
  • Water Rights Lawsuit: Kevin & Walt met with the lawyer regarding the suit.  We are in the discovery and information gathering stage.

5.  Treasurer’s Report

  • FY 2009-2010 Revenue-Expense vs Budget Report:  We need to work on the categories so that the categories match the budget categories.  Bradshaw will work with Doug on this.
  • Previous Month Expense Report (Detail)

Dues Deposits:  $2,500 approx.
Checks sent:
$441 – Garbage
$92 – Dick Carver – water testing
$215 – Dick Carver – water leak by airstrip.
$304 – Eric Parker – meeting food
$65 – Port-a-potty for meeting
$203 – Vial – Fotheringham – Harris law suit.
$273 – Electric Co-op
$540 – Tim Krell document review – 3 hours.
$1,500 – Tim Krell – Retainer to finish work regarding past due members.  This fee should be recovered from members when they pay their past due invoices.
$90 – Methow recycling

  • The financial committee will work to provide recommendations to the board regarding which payments need to be paid prior to board approval and which payments should wait pending board approval.
  • Current FY YTD Revenue-Expense vs Budget Report:  We have the P&L from Bradshaw but we’d like to see Expenses vs Budget monthly instead.  We’d like to see an annual report of Previous Year Revenue & Expenses vs Budget.  We’ll have Bradshaw work on getting us these reports.
  • Insurance Briefing:  The runway insurance has been moved to the broker in Winthrop.  We’re still working on realigning the policies so that their due dates coincide with each other and with our budgeting cycle before the annual membership meeting.  We still need to review the current policies for adequate coverage.

5.  Committee Reports:

Communications: Tricia Cook

  • Web site – Update:  Cheryl has put much work into updating the web site.  We expect something specific put together by the September meeting.   The Board members will each go online and work the web site with a goal of providing to Cheryl what does work, what doesn’t work and what we’d like to see that’s not already there.
  • We want the financial reports on the web site.  They need to be stamped draft to indicate that these reports aren’t audited.  We’ll ask Bradshaw to provide reports with Draft as a watermark.
  • We want to have the minutes on the website so that they are the first thing a member sees.  These must be current.  Gary will take care of posting the last minutes immediately.
  • Development of a member email contact list:  We will look into sending out a postcard to members requesting their email address.
  • Electronic billing to members:  We want to be able to send out bills electronically to members.  This may require amending the bylaws.  We will put this on the agenda to get done.

Access Committee:  Christian Kar

  • Budget issues:  Roy has a cash card.  $1,000 was put onto it initially, $235 has been used.  This card was purchased from the 2009-2010 budget.  To align expenses with the fiscal year budget, in future years, we want the cash card returned to the treasurer at the end of the fiscal year.  This time, however, we will allow the remaining funds to be used in the 2010-2011 fiscal year.  We are concerned that the budget is not large enough for the necessary equipment maintenance and road repairs.
  • Christian will draft an addendum to the old contract with Roy to allow for a temporary extension through August 2010.
  • Equipment maintenance:  Roy is currently doing the maintenance on the Unimog.  Ken & Roy know what maintenance needs to be done.   We would like greater communication from Ken and Roy to the board.  Ken doesn’t need to get approval for everything.  He should have the latitude to do what needs to be done, but he should also get Christian’s blessing.
  • Road maintenance:  There is no road work planned.
  • Snow removal contract process:  We plan to move forward with Roy, but we are still looking at the other options.  We also need a back up plan should we run into operator or equipment issues.   It is important that there is very little lost time should an issue arise.  Therefore the board decided the best plan is to find a back up contractor,

Administrative Committee:  Gary Ford

  • Findings regarding the filing cabinet:  We now have a list of what’s in the filing cabinet.  The missing items (that are currently at a variety of board and previous board members homes) will be found and added to the materials in the filing cabinet.  We will provide a contents page for the materials collected which can be placed outside the filing cabinet. Correspondence should be filed with both year and a name.  Gary will circulate the code to the lockbox to the board.   We will create a policy regarding what’s to be collected and how it’s to be filed and compiled.  We will have feedback on the proposed organization by the September 4th meeting.
  • Plan for building a policy manual:  Gary and Walt will provide a draft list of what policies are needed by the September 4th meeting based upon the policies that have been discussed so far.  We will design a format for the policies manual, but not the rule itself.  Each committee will then develop their specific policies needed.

Airstrip Committee:  Keith Parker

  • Status of committee meeting / development:  The new committee has not yet met, but they have all talked.  We have $7,000 approved from the budget.  We need the committee to come up with their priorities of work.  Keith & Walt will meet with the committee soon.  Anything that needs to be done this year, needs to be done before Winter.
  • Status of expenditure and work plan for the year:Currently on the list for this budget.  All items will be approved by the board before purchase:  Wind socks  – ordered.  Runway markers – will be ordered soon.  New run up pad – Committee to look at the cost of this.
  • Status of the Airstrip Mowing:  The Runway was mowed using the old mower.  The new mower requires the grass be kept shorter.  Therefore, we must mow more frequently.  Keith will make sure this is done.
  • The puller for the mower needs maintenance now.
  • Mower will be left outside in the summer and dismantled and stored inside during the winter.
  • We have a gas account at the Mazama store.  Gary & Rudy are the only signers on this account.  This avoids the need to have a storage facility for fuel on LRAA land.
  • There was discussion regarding trading mowing services for water payments.  Previous boards decided we would not do any trades.  However, a person could be paid for their work mowing and use that money to pay their water dues.
  • Status of the tree trimming project:  40% of the tree trimming is done, and we’re still awaiting word from State Forestry regarding what can/can’t be done.   We have $600 left in the budget for this.

Water System Report: Frank Cech

  • System Status:We have had two outages at well #2 in the upper pump house since Memorial Day.
  • One on June 1st (attributed to the extra load caused by the water leak near Harris pump house #1).
  • The second last Sunday, July 11th.  In both cases resetting the pump circuit breaker resolved the problem
  • Frank spoke with Dick Carver and Bill Lindsay.  Bill Lindsay thought there could be one or two things that could cause the breaker to trip not directly associated with the pump itself – and not necessarily something requiring immediate repair.  He suggested making a (pump) house call to confirm this.  Bill will be in the area next week and will check out the pump and control system.  Without a specific cause identified, we want to just monitor the system.  Bill and Frank will talk after he inspects the system.
  • We believe there are no leaks in the system currently.  However, Evergreen will come out to check for leaks in the system at no charge.  Frank will follow up with Evergreen regarding this.
  • Rocks have been dropped into some of the valve stand pipes blocking access to valves.  Kevin volunteered his generator and equipment to draw the rocks out by suction.  Frank will work with Kevin to remove these rocks.
  • The lockbox on pump house for pumps 2 and is jammed.  Frank will replace them this weekend.
  • Three trees on the North side of the pump house are leaning towards and over the structure.  Frank will contact Dennis Jones to cut down one or more of these.
  • Misty Circle Project:
  • The Statement of Work has been delivered to Lloyd Logging and Jerry Palm this week.  The work statement sent out by Larry last weekend includes 200 feet of pipe in accordance with our plan to eliminate dead end spurs where we can by connecting the Misty Circle spur to the Cedar Circle spur.  Frank is in the process of contacting property owners.  However, an actual survey of the area shows connecting the two spurs will be difficult (stands of trees, uneven ground and fallen cottonwoods).  Frank has identified an alternative route that would tie directly into the main on Mercer and he will coordinate with Larry Wall and Jessie Hofheimer.  We have no recommendation on which way will be best yet.  We are waiting to hear back from the contractors to determine which way will be best.  The actual work will probably be done in the Autumn when the water table is low.  Tom Leidholdt has given Frank permission to run pipe along his property line.
  • Contact information is needed for:  Jessie Hofheimer, Duke, Miller, Perry, Owen, The 2992 FLT
  • Completion of the third well:  A slow developing Saga that started in 1987 came due in February 2010.  A water permit associated with well #3 reverted to a permit until we complete an inspection for well #3.  Frank has located the files and will contact Teresa Mitchell at the DOE.  We want to be sure we are in compliance before scheduling the inspection.  Once Frank has established this is the case (testing at appropriate locations, using not too much or too little water, etc.) Frank will schedule an inspector to meet with Dick Carver and visit the well.
  • Emergency Response Plan:  Keys necessary to turning on the valves to get water out of the fire standpipes have been moved outside.  We have keys at the pump house, another is hanging outside between the pump house door and the external electrical box and another one is put away.  The keys will be clearly labeled with “For Emergency Use Only” or something along those lines to hopefully prevent them from disappearing.  In that way, whoever is in charge of an emergency scene knows that a firefighter can be sent from the scene, day or night, to grab a key off the nearest Association building, and we can get water to keep the hoses flowing longer.
  • Frank will create a draft plan including a flow chart for the September meeting that will provide guidance as to how to respond to a water emergency.  This way the contacts and response plan for a water emergency could be worked by any of us even if Frank isn’t available.

Water Policy Development Committee:  Kevin

  • We need to find someone to be the permanent Water Manager.
  • Kevin reviewed the status of the water rights suit and the current status is fact finding.

7.  Old Business: None

8.  New Business:

  • We need a sign for recycling.

9.  Adjourn.

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