Board Meeting Notes – August 19, 2012

LRAA Board Meeting Minutes – Final 8-19-12.docx

Board Meeting Minutes: Final

Lost River Airport Association

Date: 8/19/12 8:30 am

These minutes were approved by the board on September 15, 2012

Board members present:  Walt Mauldin, Kevin Latorra, Keith Parker, Nina Jahne, Tricia Cook, Kyle Larson, Robbie Liechty, Loren Seeley.

Board Members Absent: Bob Christianson

Others Present: None

Quorum Established: Yes

Items Discussed:

  1. Approval of the previous minutes

  1. July 15th, 2012
  2. Motion to approve the minutes – Nina Jahne.  Seconded – Keith Parker
  3. Approved – Unanimous

  1. Confirm next two meetings

  1. Sunday, September 16th, 2012.  Noon – at Lost River

  1. Walt Mauldin
  1. Yes, possibly via conference call
  1. Kevin Latorra
  1. Yes, via conference call
  1. Keith Parker
  1. N/A
  1. Nina Jahne
  1. Yes, via conference call
  1. Tricia Cook
  1. No
  1. Kyle Larson
  1. Yes
  1. Robbie Liechty
  1. Yes
  1. Bob Christianson


  1. Loren Seely
  1. Yes
  1. Sunday, October 21st.  via conference call.

  1. Public Forum

  1. None.

  1. Review of Electronic Business conducted since last Board Meeting (July 15th, 2012)

  1. None

  1. President’s Business

  1. LRAA Work priorities (approved by the membership May 27th, 2012)
  1. Review of snow removal business plan and RFP process (Access)
  2. Delinquencies & Collections (Robbie)
  3. Water rights list (Kevin)
  4. Water system strategic plan (Bob)
  5. Reposting street signage (Access)
  6. Airstrip strategic plan (Keith)
  7. Emergency preparedness and the development of emergency response plans (Walt)
  8. Further development of the water and fiscal policies. (Kevin, Bob & Robbie)
  9. Review with corporate counsel the structure of the organization (Walt)
  10. Unsafe/unsightly properties (Walt)
  11. Research options for dust control (Access)

  1. Brooks foreclosure report
  1. The Brooks property was owned by a married couple, since divorced.  We have determined that Julie Brooks received the property in the divorce.  As she lives in California, the foreclosure action must follow California foreclosure laws and waiting periods.  The foreclosure action has been served and we are now in the 60 day waiting period.


  1. Land swap update
  1. The board moved into Executive session.

  1. Corporate council update
  1. Walt is meeting with Charlie Lyman (our corporate attorney) during the last week of August.  

  1. Cle Elum Fire
  1. When the Cle Elum fire occurred, it was responded to by many municipal and regional fire departments, as they were no more than 1 ½ hours away.  The local fire departments do a wonderful and much appreciated job in the valley.  However, due to our location, the response from departments out of the valley, would involve fewer fire fighters and would take a lot longer to reach our location than occurred at the Cle Elum fire.  This means that in the event of a fire, there may not be much the fire departments can do to save our homes.  Therefore, we need to stress prevention.  
  2. We would like to educate members regarding wild fire prevention at Lost River Airport.
  3. Tricia is going to find a website with good fire prevention information for areas like ours.  She will write a short email to members suggesting that they view this website and become knowledgeable and prepared to prevent fires at Lost River Airport.  This will be sent to members via Mail Chimp.  We will provide a link to this fire prevention website on our website.
  4. We have good fire ban notices at the entrances to Lost River thanks to the Kar’s.
  5. We don’t want to be in the business of enforcing burn bans, but if we see something scary or illegal, we can ask those involved to stop and tell them why, or contact the fire / police departments should that be the best course of action.

  1. Treasurers Report

  1. The following reports were provided to the board prior to the meeting.
  1. Previous Month Expense Report (Detail)
  2. Current FY YTD Revenue-Expenses vs. Budget Report
  3. Aging Report.
  4. The board would like to see these reports monthly rather than quarterly as it makes it easier to spot discrepancies or errors and get them fixed.

  1. Aging
  1. We won’t write off the bad debt until we’re sure of the status of the accounts.
  2. The Nichols & Brooks accounts should soon be cleared up through our efforts towards foreclosure.
  1. Nichols payoff deadline September 4th, 2012
  1. We’re working with the Estate of Mrs. Nichols.  Robbie will provide them with an exact payoff amount (approximately $6,500) which is due prior to September 4th, 2012.  If this date and amount isn’t met we will proceed with foreclosure.
  1. The Cunningham property is up for sale and we have a lien on the property.  The debt will be paid when the property is sold.
  2. There are four accounts that need research as to the validity of the debt in the first place.  Once it has been determined that they aren’t valid debts, they will be written off of the books.
  3. Robbie will follow our financial policy and place liens as soon as they reach the threshold for indebtedness.  
  4. Papa – This property sold and the new owner paid their prorated portion of the 2012 dues.  We are requesting that the Popoff’s pay their portion of the 2012 dues.


  1. Audit Report
  1. The committee is working on the audit report.  They are having difficulty scheduling the audit, because Bradshaw’s is closed on Fridays.  Bud Huffnagel has the format for the audit already prepared.

  1. Kyle & Robbie will review the minutes and the budget posted to the website to verify that the posted budget is the final budget approved by the membership.

  1. Mileage reimbursement.  We have historically paid a mileage reimbursement for members when they are doing Lost River Airport business.  The reimbursement amount matches the mileage reimbursement on the IRS web site.  The administrative committee will draft a mileage reimbursement policy for our review in the next couple of meetings.  This policy belongs in the fiscal policy.

  1. Committee reports

  1. Water System (Bob / Kevin)

  1. System operation report

  1. Repairs on the lower system
  1. A valve was leaking near the pump house, it has been repaired.
  2. The continued low water pressure was interpreted by Dick Carver as a second leak.  However, the real problem was that the pump was switching at the wrong pressure level, causing there to be not enough pressure in the system and therefore low water pressure in the homes.  This has been fixed and the system is operating normally.

  1. Repair of the valve at the end of runway.
  1. We repaired a previous repair.  It is now operating correctly.

  1. Palm Construction will begin work on the two problem areas in the lower system as soon as the water table goes down.  We have been approached to allow installation of underground utilities in Cottonwood Circle when this repair occurs as the trench will already be open.  We’ve agreed that these can be installed so long as there is no cost to the association.

  1. J. Seeman emailed us regarding a possible leak in the upper system at 22 Emerson as reported to her by G. Combs.   Walt had thought this report was followed up on by Bob and taken care of.  It had not been and instead, it was a matter of an open private valve that was just recently shut off by the new property owners. In the future, we need to do a better job of follow up to make sure we’ve not missed something.  Bob and Kevin can send these types of issues to Dick Carver for follow up as needed.


  1.   Strategic plan

  1. Variable Speed pump vs. traditional pump.
  1. The strategic plan calls for adding a 4th well.  Drilling to occur in 2013 and equipping of the well in 2014.  During the recent search for the leak in the upper system, we purchased a redundant, traditional style, pump for use should the operating pump fail during this period due to the strain it was undergoing.  New technology has created a variable speed pump which holds the well at a constant pressure.  This doesn’t work the pump as hard and therefore lengthens the reliability and life of the pump.  As traditional pumps fail we will replace them with newer variable speed pumps.
  2. The cost of a new variable-speed pump and control panel, after trade-in of the traditional pump we have on hand, is $6,500.   We can:
  1. Move the timeline for bringing the new well on-line by a year.
  2. Use reserve funds to fund the purchase
  3. Raise membership dues to fund the additional purchase.
  1. We will ask the vendor if we can ship the traditional pump back to them for a credit for the future purchase of a variable speed pump and prepare the budget to allow the membership to decide how to proceed with the new well.

  1. We are on track to drill a well in 2013.
  1. We will spend $2,000 to do a survey the fire hall property for the DOH
  2. We are moving ahead with the engineering work.  This work may come in under budget which will help us to pay for the above survey work.
  3. We don’t have the permits to drill yet
  4. Barring an emergency we will have the funds for this work.  We will study the budgeted monies and reserve monies to make sure we understand how we are paying for this work.

  1. Administrative Committee  (Kyle)

  1. He will get familiar with the filing plan when he’s back in Lost River

  1. Communications Committee  (Tricia)

  1. Change in contact us button to require name of sender.  
  1. We were getting a number of communications from members that were anonymous and unconstructive.  Therefore, we had no method to respond to the communication and work with the member.  

  1. Volunteer corner
  1. Tricia is working with Cheryl to prepare the website for this addition.  However, this won’t go live until there is a specific need.  The first opportunity will probably be when Loren requests volunteers to complete the street signage project.

  1. Add a Facebook page.
  1. The members requested this page.  Walt will talk with the Daniels to see if he can bring restore the page they created earlier but now appears inactive.


  1. Access Committee (Loren)

  1. A conference call meeting with Jerry, Loren & Walt is now scheduled for next week.  Jerry wants to continue to participate a little, so we need to figure out who’s going to do what and how.

  1. The rain washed out a gully on Rainbow Rd.  Loren will determine the options and funding available for the repair.
  1. If the gully is a hazard to bikes then we can get it fixed this year, but the gully appears easily avoidable to bikes, and is narrow.
  2. We don’t know if the autumn rains will cause more erosion and become a larger problem.
  3. It is sometimes easier to fix the roads after the snowmelt when the roads are soft.

  1. Water Policy Committee (Kevin / Bob)

  1. Status of water rights list
  1. The list has been updated with all the information that Kevin has.  We must make sure that this list and our QuickBooks data doesn’t drift apart.

  1. Kevin continues to investigate whether our unassigned water rights are secure.

  1. We believe we are under no obligation to provide water 24/7.  We have asked our corporate attorney to add this into our water policy so that it is expressed correctly.


  1. Airstrip committee (Keith)

  1. Status of mowing equipment
  1. While using the small mower the blade was bent.  This is being repaired.
  2. While using the larger mower a wheel bearing died.  He made a temporary fix and completed the mowing.  Keith will get the bearings repaired.  The assist spring for raising and lowering the mower itself is broken.  We can continue on through the end of the season as is, but we will need to have further discussion regarding the mowers for next year.   Options for a long term solution include:
  1.  Hire a contractor
  2. Improve the equipment.  An option is a tow behind mower.  These are $1,500 – $2,000 each.
  3. Something else.

  1. Categorized expenses:
  1. Check on 7/1 to the Mazama store for fuel for the chipper should go against the airstrip funds (runway maintenance), not the reserve fund.  The memo field should accurately describe the purchase.  Robbie will get this corrected.

  1. Keith thinks someone is taking fuel out of the lawn mower and chipper.  Therefore we need to complete our work on re-securing the fire hall.

  1. Tree trimming
  1. We owe the membership our thanks for their support and help in the recent tree removal and clean-up project.  Soon after the project, we sent a mail chimp message to the membership and added a note to the website thanking the members.

  1. Garbage Recycle  (Tricia)

  1. Status of changes to recycle program
  1. The recycle area has been misused and has been out of control.  Methow Recycling Roundup was no longer going to offer us the same service due to the state of the area and misuse.  Therefore we have discontinued glass recycling and have added a plastic recycling container, at MRR’s suggestion.  Pickups will be twice a month during the 6 peak months (summer months and over the winter holiday months).  
  2. We continue to offer: #1 and #2 plastic, flattened cardboard and can recycling.
  3. Cheryl and Erika Kar have started assisting with the garbage and recycling clean-up.  Thank You.

  1. Future of the recycling program
  1. Tricia has been receiving a number of unsolicited complaints while on her property and when cleaning up the dumpster/recycling area. This is always going to be a controversial subject, but it shouldn’t become an abusive situation. Members need to contact the board through the website and speak up during membership meetings.
  2. We need to make sure a board member is not responsible for rooting through members’ recycling and separating it out.  We need to redesign how this program operates so that it is a lower maintenance program.  Options include:
  1. Hire someone.
  2. Ask Methow Recycling to redesign the front end with different bins and dumpsters.
  3. Use the volunteer page to request members assist with garbage duty.
  4. Make the recycle area work like the garbage with no oversight required.
  5. Add additional recycle pickups.
  6. Purchase a security system to monitor and determine any disruptive behavior.
  7. At this time, Tricia would like to see how the new program is working before exploring the other options listed.

  1. Dishwasher in dumpster.
  1. A dishwasher was disposed of in our dumpsters when there is clear signage that this is not permitted.  
  2. Walt will ask the sheriff if this is something they can pursue and determine who illegally dumped into our garbage.

  1. Old Business

  1. None

  1. New Business

  1. None

Adjourn:  10:15 am


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