LRAA 2013 Annual Meeting Letter

Lost River Airport Association 2013 Annual Meeting Agenda
Sunday May 26, 2013, 9:00AM at the Fire Hall
Potluck – Picnic Lunch and Social time immediately following the meeting

Please join us for the annual member meeting on Memorial Day weekend. We will start the morning with 30-minutes of time to meet your current trustees, get registered and visit with your neighbors. We will start the meeting at 9:30. When the meeting is over, about noon or 1:00 we will serve a picnic/potluck lunch. Please bring something with you that you would like to share. Please find enclosed in this packet the proposed agenda for the meeting which covers all of the major points of discussion. A few highlights that we look forward to presenting are;

  • An overview of what has been accomplished by your board in the last year
  • Update on the collections/foreclosure process of delinquent dues
  • An overview of dust control options
  • Asking the membership to suggest and endorse the boards work priorities
  • An update on the water system strategic plan
  • A discussion about water meters
  • A discussion about the future management of our association. A manager of some sort?
  • An update on the airstrip strategic plan
  • Elections for 3 board positions

The packet that was mailed included:

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  • This cover letter
  • The draft minutes from the 2012 member meeting
  • The meeting agenda
  • An Invitation to the picnic.
  • The last year’s Financial Year (FY) period reports
  • A statement of our bank account balances as of December 31, 2012, including a statement of reserve funds and surplus monies. A proposal to spend some of the surplus monies is included within that report
  • A proposed budget for 2014
    • The budgets have been built to fund the work that needs to be done, instead of setting the dues then figuring out what you can do with it.
    • Both the General Fund (GF) and Water Fund (WF) costs have increased. We have met our reserve goals of $25,000 in the GF and $50,000 in the WF. In addition we have some surplus monies, so the board will be asking the membership about using some of the surplus monies to keep the dues at last year’s level and not increase them in 2014. Three models will be presented;
      1) Allowing the 2014 dues to rise equal to cost increases.
      2) Using surplus monies to hold the dues at 2013 levels and
      3) Using surplus monies to hold the increase at 50% of the actual increase in costs.
    • The current (2013) budget is posted on the web site. You can refer to it for information about changes proposed in 2014 budget.
  • Water and Airport Strategic plans
  • An overview of the upcoming requirement for individual service water meters

Election of 3 new Trustees

Three of our trustee’s terms are ending in 2013. Nina Jahne has served a three year term as secretary. Kevin Latorra has served as the water policy chairman and Keith Parker has served as the airport committee chairman. Please consider serving your association by serving as a trustee.

Nina Jahne – Secretary and Vice President.
Nina has served as the Association Secretary for 3-years. She has managed mailings and meeting minutes amongst other miscellaneous duties. Nina accepted the assignment of Vice President when that office was vacated by her predecessor part way through the term. She has been an active and contributing member of the board.

Nina’s husband Kevin Jahne has expressed his willingness to accept a nomination to the board and serve as the secretary.

Kevin LaTorra – Water Policy/Permitting
Chairman Kevin is completing a 3-year term. He has served as the water policy chairman. This position manages our water system permits, documentation and member water rights. He also works closely with the water system manager. Kevin has expressed a willingness to serve for an additional 1-year in this position.

Keith Parker – Airstrip Committee Chairman
Keith has served as the airstrip chairman for three years. He is responsible for oversight of issues surrounding the runway. He chairs a group of pilots that make up the Airport Committee. This group makes recommendations and does a lot of work toward maintenance of our airstrip.

Loren Seely who will begin his 2nd year of a three year term has offered to move into the position of airstrip committee chair. Jerry Daniels is a member who has offered to run for the board and take on the access/roads chairmanship.

As you can see we have members that have stepped up and expressed that they will run for the board and do the work that keeps our association going. We welcome and seek additional nominations for board positions. The term of a board member is 3-years. There are 4-officers positions; Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and President. In addition there are 7-functional responsibilities overseen by trustees; Water System, Water Policy, Airstrip, Access (roads), Communications, Solid Waste Services and Administrative Services.

In 2014 I will step down from the board. We need to be thinking about who will serve us as President in the future. Are you or do you know anybody who might be interested?

Verify your water right

The association has developed a master list of water rights. Is your water right shown correctly on this list? The list will be available at the meeting. Remember that we use the 10-digit county parcel number to identify lots. Bring the parcel number of the lot you think your water right should be assigned to and verify that it is correct on the master list.

The association is mandated to assign each water right to a specific parcel of property. It would help us a lot if you could let us know what parcel number your water right(s) should be associated with.

  • If you only own a single parcel than it is simple.
  • If your water is physically connected then it must be the parcel with the connection physically on it.
  • If you own multiple water rights each one must be correlated to a parcel.
  • Please let us know what parcel number to assign to each of the water rights you own.
  • You can bring the information to the meeting or you can send it to us via the Contact Page on the web site.

You will be asked respond to a survey

The board is looking for your feedback, good and bad. As we have done in the past we will be asking you to fill out a survey at the member meeting. If you do not plan to be at the meeting you can respond to the survey using the contact button on the web site. The four magic questions will be;

  • What has the Association accomplished recently that you like/support?
  • What has the Association done recently that you do not like/support
  • What practices would you like to see the Association add that it is not doing now?
  • General comments; constructive criticism welcome, in fact encouraged!!

If you would like to be a part of our email list so we can send you information occasionally, bring your email address to the meeting and sign up. Or sign up on the LRAA home page.

Come to the meeting, stay for the picnic
Picnic and potluck immediately following the meeting (Noon or 1:00) at the fire hall.

Look forward to seeing you!

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