Fall 2018 – President’s Message

I am writing to you all as part of my new role as President of the Association, to supplement the Newsletter that you received in June. I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on a number of recent issues and upcoming items taking place in the Association.


Vehicles traveling well in excess of 15 MPH continue to be a problem in the Association. We all know that speeding vehicles pose a safety risk to pedestrians, children, pets and other vehicles.

Speeding vehicles also create more dust than slower vehicles.  Speed limits are 15 MPH on all roads at all times for all users. 10 MPH reduces dust even further. If you are having guests stay at our place, or renters, please make sure they are aware of the speed limit as well.
Speed Bumps – The Board has researched purchasing and installing speed bumps. Our findings estimate the cost of the materials plus installation basically comes out to $3000 per bump. Of course, there are cheaper bumps on Amazon, but we need to consider various issues: our roads are not paved; simply installing one or two bumps won’t really stop speeders and can cause the road surface to deteriorate; we would need a contractor to install the bumps; and the bumps need to accommodate both emergency vehicles and snow plows. Due to its high cost, without membership approval, this project won’t move forward at this time.

Speed Buckets – As many of you have noticed, we are doing a trial with reflective Speed Limit signs placed in 5-gallon buckets. Hopefully these buckets will have the desired outcome of slowing drivers down and reducing dust.


The pad for the Dumpster Shed addition has been poured and construction is underway! Once this new structure is completed, Recycling will be moved to the “new” bay (left-most) and a third dumpster will be placed where recycling is currently located (right-most bay).

Due to an ongoing issue with inappropriate items being left in the dumpster area, we plan to remove the “freecycle” shelving. Please remember that the entire membership incurs additional costs when dumpsters are overloaded or inappropriate materials have to be removed from the dumpster area.
Due to the high amounts of trash over summer holidays, additional dumpster emptying was ordered several times – at extra cost to the Association. Hopefully the addition of another dumpster will mitigate this need.  We will continue to monitor the need to have extra dumpster emptying during holidays.

Outdoor Lighting

The end of summer brings quite a bit more darkness to Lost River, and with it, increased use of outdoor lighting. While individual safety and security are priorities, please also be mindful of the impact that outdoor lights have on the environment around your home and your neighbor’s home. 

Members are encouraged to follow the Okanogan County Electric Co-op Dark Sky Initiative, which is the “concept of keeping and restoring the natural nighttime darkness while keeping lighting necessary for safety, security and normal living purposes.”

Please use only light that is necessary and when possible, direct lighting down toward the ground, rather than up toward the sky. Dusk to dawn use of large, unshielded spot lights is discouraged.

Please consider turning outside security lights off before going to bed or before leaving Lost River to travel.


There is now an air quality sensor in Lost River that can be viewed on the Purple Air website (www.purpleair.com). Please stay up to date on air quality and fire behavior if you are visiting the Methow Valley during Fire Season.

While the McLeod fire is still burning, it appears to be well-contained and does not presently threaten Lost River or Mazama. We dodged another bullet!

Speaking of burning: note that the county-wide burn ban is again in place from least Oct 1. The ban will be lifted by the USFS and County Commissioners when weather conditions permit safe outdoor burning.

Social Media

The internet bulletin board website Nextdoor.com has a new “Lost River – Mazama” neighborhood. This is not an official LRAA entity, nor is it related to our website or managed by the Board.

Individuals with property or homes in Lost River may elect to join this bulletin board.  Please consider the risks of joining and posting on social media sites before doing so.

Snow Removal

Palm Construction’s contract to plow the roads in Lost River expired at the end of last winter. The LRAA board sought bids for snow removal and after considering the bids, the board decided to offer the new five-year contract to Pennock Excavation.

Our goal was receive comparable or improved service, while also controlling costs. The new contract is based on a set fee per year, rather than on a “per plow” basis. Hopefully this new direction will enable the Association to control costs while still receiving quality service. Many thanks to Palm Construction for its service to the Lost River community over the past 5 years.

As always, it is the responsibility of each property owner to make arrangements for the plowing of private driveways. Members are encouraged to check in with their snow removal companies to verify that they will be servicing Lost River this winter. Options for private driveway snow plowing include but are not limited to:

Palm Construction • palm@methownet.com • (509) 996-8178
Pennock Excavation • toby.pennock@yahoo.com • (509) 429-2695
Snowtime Snow Removal • www.snowtimeremoval.com • (509) 997-7203

Water System

Beginning on or around October 8, approximately 700ft of water main along the SW side of the runway will be replaced. This project is estimated to take 2-3 weeks.

Daytime water outages in isolated areas will take place, and construction may block members’ driveways for short periods of time. The Project Manager, Water Manager, and contractor will be working to notify members who may be impacted by this event.

Lastly, here’s your first reminder of the date for the 2019 Annual Meeting: Sunday, May 26th.

Best wishes for a great end to this year.

Kevin Piasecki, LRAA President

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