FAQ for Members and Real Estate Agents


I just sold my property in Lost River. What do I need to do?

Please contact the Association via our Contact Form and let LRAA know about the sale. This will ensure that you do not receive unwanted invoices or email/mailings from LRAA.

I just purchased in Lost River. What next?

Please contact the Association immediately to inform the us of your purchase, home billing address, Lost River address, and email. Please don’t assume that the Association will be provided this information by the sellers, your bank, escrow or real estate agent. Contact LRAA via our Contact Form, and select “Mailing Address or Email Change” from the dropdown menu.

Where can I find information about a specific lot in Lost River taxes, owner, etc)?

Use the Okanogan County records website to find information regarding property taxes, appraisals, and assessments. You will need the 10-digit parcel number to look up this information. http://okanoganwa.taxsifter.com

Is my property in a designated flood plain?

How do I find out if a property's Annual Dues have been paid?

Contact LRAA via our Contact Form, and choose “Fees/Payment Info” from the dropdown menu.



Are there any Architectural Guidelines?

Yes, LRAA does have general Architectural Guidelines. Please review our Architectural Guidelines.

Are there building height restrictions in Lost River?

LRAA does not regulate building height. However, Okanogan county may do so. Building height may also determine setback distances. Contact Okanogan County Office of Planning and Development for information.

What are the building setback rules in Lost River?

Properties in the Lost River Airport Association are expected to adhere to the setback requirements established by Okanogan County. Contact Okanogan County Office of Planning and Development for information. You will need to the County’s 10-digit parcel number. Additionally, most road right of ways are 60′, so it is important to have an accurate survey before beginning construction.



Where can I find the Directors Meeting Minutes?

LRAA does not have separate Directors Meeting minutes. The monthly Board Meeting Minutes, which have been approved, can be accessed in the right sidebar on every page of the website.

How is the LRAA website managed?

The website is managed by a contractor, who is not a Board member and is paid a “per hour” rate. Content for the website is provided by the LRAA Board and LRAA Business Manager. The current webmaster has been working with the LRAA Board since 2010.

Can I receive LRAA documents via email?

Yes! Make sure the Association has your email address and complete the Electronic Documentation Delivery Authorization Form.

Can I get mail (US Postal, UPS, FedEx shipments) delivered to my home?

Yes, you can receive packages from UPS and FedEx at your home.



What are the annual dues and fees for Lost River members?

The Annual Dues and Fees are calculated each year when the budget is created, thus they vary year to year. The current dues and fees can be found on the Lost River Dues & Fees page.

What kind of rules or guidelines exist for Lost River members?

Click “Guidelines and Fees” in the navigation menu and select the topic you need from the dropdown.

Can I rent out my house on a short-term basis?

At this time, LRAA neither approves or disapproves of members using AirBnB or VRBO to rent their cabins.

Are there any restrictions on use of outdoor lights?

Members are encouraged to adhere to the Okanogan County Electric Co-op “Dark Sky” initiative, which is the “concept of keeping and restoring the natural nighttime darkness while keeping lighting necessary for safety, security… and normal living purposes.”

Members are encouraged to use only light that is necessary and to install recessed lights that are directed down toward the ground, rather than up toward the sky. Please make sure that all outside lights are turned off before going to bed. Part-time owners: please be sure that all outside lights are off before heading back home. Large, industrial unshielded halogen spot lights are discouraged.

What is the LRAA Business Manager’s job?

The Business Manager position was first mentioned to the membership as early as 2013. The position was officially created and announced to the membership at the May 2016 Annual meeting. The Business Manager is a contractor who is not a Board member and is paid a “per hour” rate.



Is my property within a Natural Resources Fire Protection Zone that provides fire protection services?

To the best of our knowledge Lost River adjoins but is not within DNR land. We are within Okanogan County Fire Protection District 6. You may want to contract District 6 for further information: (509) 997-2981.

Are fireworks allowed in LRAA?

Fireworks are NOT ALLOWED within LRAA at any time. The use of fireworks is prohibited by county statute in unincorporated Okanogan county, and therefore prohibited in Lost River.

Does LRAA have burn bans or limitations on outdoor fires?

BURN BANS: The Association follows both the county ban and the DNR/Forest Service ban on fires – whichever one occurs first. The county-wide burn ban is often instituted at the end of June. Check the LRAA Home page or the Okanogan county website for updates as June 30th approaches. The Association will put out signs at both entrances to LRAA as soon as is possible after the burn ban is announced. However, everyone within the Association is expected to follow the county and /or Forest Service rules on open fires whether or not the LRAA signs are posted.

When outdoor fires are allowed, they must be attended to at all times. Unattended fires are not allowed on lands under DNR jurisdiction, which includes LRAA. Outside fires should not be left actively burning, smoldering, or smoking. Individuals within the Association are responsible for knowing and practicing safe fire management practices. Please do NOT burn outside if you are not able to actively supervise your fire and put it out correctly.

Are there emergency medical service/police/fire available for LRAA?

Call 911 for any emergencies. The closest medical and police services are in Winthrop. There is a volunteer fire department located 6 miles away, on the corner of Hwy 20 and Lost River Road. Aeromethow, located in Twisp, provides out of hospital emergency medical care and transportation for the Methow Valley.



Is there power in Lost River?

Yes, there is electricity available. Property owners are responsible for this utility. Contact Okanogan County Electric Co-op for more information: (509) 996-2228.

Is there garbage and recycling service at LRAA?

Yes, members’ dues pay for garbage and recycling within the Association. See Garbage and Recycling pages. The LRAA dumpsters are located along Taxiway, between Meek and the runway.

What are the plumbing utility water standards in Lost River?

  • All underground plumbing shall be a minimum of 5’ under the surface.
  • All underground plumbing shall be set into bedding sand adequate so as to have no contact with the native soil.
  • All underground piping shall be covered with 4”, (2 pieces of 2”) 250lb rigid foam insulation at least 24” wide.
  • The foam insulation shall be covered by a piece of 4 mil visqueen at least 36” wide.
  • All underground piping shall have tracing wire attached. The use of warning ribbon for tracing signals is not acceptable.
  • All underground piping shall be installed with warning ribbon at least 3” wide, buried above the pipe about 12” below the ground.
  • Any time an underground pipe is accessed the contractor shall provide the association with the exact location of the underground pipe, it’s depth, nature of the type of pipe and any other pertinent information.
  • Single service lines shall be a minimum of 1” in diameter.
  • No galvanized or steel plumbing is allowed underground.
  • All spigots shall be of the frost free type with the valve buried at least 5’ underground.

Does LRAA provide or regulate septic systems?

The Lost River Airport Association does not provide or regulate any septic services. Most developed properties within our association have single residence septic systems.

How would we go about permitting and building a septic system if building a structure on the land?

Most developed properties within our association have single residence septic systems. Permitting is done through Okanogan county and is handled by the property owner or builder. You would need to talk to the County to find out the current rules for obtaining a septic system permit for your property.

There is a Sewer Association that provides septic services to some Lost River properties on the lower area of our association (see contact info below). This Sewer Association is not related to the Lost River Airport Association. As a whole, Lost River Airport Association does not provide any septic services.

Septic tanks and permitting are overseen by Okanogan County Public Health
Okanogan County Public Health (509) 422-7140.

Are there sewers in Lost River?

No, there is not a sewer system (See exception below). The Lost River Airport Association does not provide or regulate any septic services. Most developed properties within our association have single residence septic systems. There is a sewer association that provides septic services to some properties on the lower area of our association. This sewer association is not related to the Lost River Airport Association.

Lost River Sewer Association (Not associated with the Lost River Airport Association)
LRSA President Gail King: (509) 633-1487



Is Lost River Airport Association accessible year-round?

Yes, the community roads are plowed by a local business. There is no set time table for when the roads will be cleared of snow. However, the snow removal company attempts to perform this duty in a timely manner. Individual property owners are responsible for arranging and paying for snow removal from their private property.

Is the LRAA airstrip operational year round?

The airstrip is not operational when there is snow on the ground. The airpstrip is maintained for member’s use the remainder of the year. See Airstrip Behavioral Guidelines.



If a property does not have running water, what are my options to get water?

First, you will need to purchase a water right if you do not own one. Not all properties in Lost River have a water right associated with them and the Association has a limited number of water right available for purchase.

Second, you will have to hire a contractor to create a connection between the water main and your property, if one is not already present.

Third, your contractor will need to install a water meter, to LRAA specifications per Department of Ecology mandate, on your property.

Finally, your contractor will need to bring the water onto your property, to either a building or frost-free spigot.

Individual property owners are responsible for all costs associated with this project. Costs of this project are not specifically known and should be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

To get a water right and a physical water connection, a member will need to:

  • Become a member in good standing (no outstanding dues or fees)
  • Purchase a water right, if available.
  • Purchase a water meter, transducer and pit vault. Contact the Association to see if any are available for purchase (cost is approximately $900.00)
  • Arrange for a contractor to install the new service to the LRAA Plumbing Standards.
    • All labor and hardware will be provided by the owner/contractor except: pit vault, lid, insulation disc, meter, and radio transmitter.
    • Our preferred contractors for this work are F&S Excavation, Pennock or Palm Construction.
    • Any disruption to the road surface shall be rebuilt to “better than before”; any areas under roads or driveways must be compacted.
  • Meet with an Association representative to determine meter location, etc.

How can I find out if a Lost River home or parcel has a water connection or water meter?

Contact the LRAA via our Contact Form.

How do I know if there are any “Water Rights” available?

LRAA is restricted in the number of water rights allowed by the Department of Ecology. A water right is required in order for a member to become connected to the LRAA water system. Members are required to purchase a water right before being connected to the LRAA water system. In order to determine if any water rights are available, contact LRAA using our Contact Form.

Is there a certificate of water availability that can be obtained from LRAA?

The individual member should obtain the current version of the County’s form and then send it to the Association’s representative to be signed.



If you don’t find your answer in the FAQ above, please use the form below to contact LRAA.
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