LRAA Dues & Fees

As approved by LRAA Membership, except where otherwise noted.

2019 Dues & Fees

Annual Association Dues: $619/year
Annual Water Fees: $297/year

Property Transfer Fee (new purchases): $150 (due at the time of sale/transfer) Includes all changes of property, including Member-to-Member and New Member property transfers.

Water Right Cost: $5,980 (per right, due at time of purchase – does not include connectivity costs, water meter equipment costs, or water meter installation costs, which are the responsibility of the property owner).

Septic Systems in the Lost River Airport Tracts

The Lost River Airport Association does not provide or regulate any septic services. Most developed properties within our association have single residence septic systems. There is a sewer association that provides septic services to some properties on the lower area of our association. This sewer association is not related to the Lost River Airport Association. In January of 2012 the sewer association reports that there are no more services/connections available.

Septic tanks and permitting are overseen by Okanogan County Public Health
Okanogan County Public Health – tel: 509-422-7140

Lost River Sewer Association (Not associated with the Lost River Airport Association)
LRSA President Gail King – tel: 509-633-1487