LRAA Architectural Guidelines

The following architectural guidelines and requirements were accepted by the membership at the general meeting of the Lost River Airport Association on May 2, 1990:


A. Colors of structures (residences, garages, sheds, etc.) should be compatible with the environment.

B. Exteriors of the buildings should be completed within two years from the start of construction.

C. Construction debris should be cleared away at the end of each summer of construction.

D. Discretion should be used in cutting down trees. We recommend letting stand as many trees as feasible.

E. All properties should be kept free of unsightly litter such as abandoned machinery, appliances, old furniture, etc.


A. Underground utilities installed by each property owner are to be located on a plat map with a copy provided to the LRAA Board of Directors.

B. Inspection and approval by LRAA appointee(s) of all new water connections.

C. Installation of a corporation-approved “tee” for all water extensions to properties and for modifications of water services.

NOTE: A code book entitled Dwelling Construction Under the Uniform Building Code may be purchased form the County Building Department. This code book, for residential construction, should provide all the county requirements for a building a residence.

All property owners considering the development of their property in any manner are encouraged to become aware of all county and state requirements. Questions concerning LRAA guidelines may be directed to the Board of Directors, Lost River Airport Association.

Also see Revised and Restated LRAA Bylaws, Article 13.01