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• Water Meter Construction is Finished!

Last summer we completed almost exactly half of the water meter installations. We were very pleased with the contractor we were working with, finding their quality of work excellent, their ability to locate stuff underground almost unbelievable, and their methods extremely economical. We werew pleased that we were able to work with them again this summer to complete the project.

For more information:
→ LRAA Water System Report (January 2016)
→ Water Meter Project FAQ
→ Water Meter Project Page

• 2016 Dues & Fees

Annual Association Dues: $459/year (same amount as 2015)
Annual Water Fees: $297/year (same amount as 2015)

2016 Special Assessments
Related Water System Charges – Year 2: $175 per water right (less than 2015)
Water Meter Installation – Year 2: $439 per water meter installed (less than 2015)

• Garbage & Recycling

LRAA community garbage & recycling are paid for through LRAA membership dues and intended solely for LRAA members and their guests. Community dumpsters are for household trash ONLY. Glass should also go into the dumpsters or be taken to Methow Recycles in Twisp. The rest of your clean recyclables, except glass, go into the co-mingled recycle bin:

  • All kinds of paper & cardboard (except dairy cartons, juice box-type containers, and waxed boxes)
  • Aluminum & tin cans
  • All plastics from food & household products
  • Plastic film, aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins

What’s recyclable in the Methow Valley?
What about other waste?

We appreciate everyone’s continued efforts in keeping the Waste/Recycling Shed tidy, especially during busy times.

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