• 2017 LRAA Annual Member Newsletter & Meeting Documents

Annual Meeting Packet

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Packet includes all of the following in one document:

• Cover Letter
• 2017 LRAA Annual Member Meeting Agenda
• Invitation to the Picnic
• Minutes from 2016 Member Meeting (pending approval)
• 2016 Financial Year Summary
• Proposed Budgets for 2018
• Electronic Document Delivery Authorization Form

Links to individual documents:

 → View/download 2016 Annual Financial Reports
 → View/download 2016 Annual Member Meeting Minutes (pending approved)
 → View/download 2018 Proposed General and Water Budgets
 → LRAA Electronic Document Delivery Authorization (online and print versions)

Members may request that printed paper documents be mailed to them in the US Mail. To do so, please contact Chris Schneider, our LRAA business manager, at lraa.business@gmail.com or at (509) 996-3215.

To conserve financial resources, we are trying to minimize the mailing of hard copies of LRAA documents. Please consider filling out the Electronic Document Delivery Authorization to receive documents from LRAA via email. You can use our online form, print/mail or bring your completed form to the Annual Meeting.

Water Meter Project: Completed!
The Water Meter project is officially over! The project was very successful and ran under budget thanks to amazing management of the project by Walt Mauldin.

Water Main Freeze and Spring Construction
This winter we had a water main freeze on Mink Road, which left several members without water for several months. The water main on Mink had been on our watch list and the main on Rouse Road had been on our strategic planning list for future replacement. We will take on both of these pieces of work now. We will be replacing the water main on Mink Road from the front of the fire hall west to Rouse Road, then all the way north on Rouse Road to Littell Road. A total of about 1150’ of main will be replaced.

UPDATE! Work started May 10 with digging in front of the Fire Hall. The repair is estimated to take about two weeks. During this time, there will be periodic water outages between the runway and the county road. These could last up to all day, but won’t be overnight or on a weekend. Driveways along Mink Road, might be blocked a bit, but those properties have access from the runway side.

2017 LRAA Dues and Fees
All members should have received 2017 Dues invoices in January. If you did not receive a notice, contact the Association immediately. Payment was due April 1st and interest began to accrue on April 2nd, so If you have not yet paid, please do so ASAP.

• 2017 Dues & Fees

Annual Association Dues: $515/year
Annual Water Fees: $260/year

• Garbage & Recycling

LRAA community garbage & recycling are paid for through LRAA membership dues and intended solely for LRAA members and their guests. Community dumpsters are for household trash ONLY. Glass should also go into the dumpsters or be taken to Methow Recycles in Twisp. The rest of your clean recyclables, except glass, go into the co-mingled recycle bin:

  • All kinds of paper & cardboard (except dairy cartons, juice box-type containers, and waxed boxes)
  • Aluminum & tin cans
  • All plastics from food & household products
  • Plastic film, aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins

What’s recyclable in the Methow Valley?
What about other waste?

We appreciate everyone’s continued efforts in keeping the Waste/Recycling Shed tidy, especially during busy times.

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