• 2017 Dues & Fees

Annual Association Dues: $515/year
Annual Water Fees: $260/year

• Winter Weather has arrived!

Please make certain your structures and plumbing are appropriately winterized. See our Winter Guidelines page for recommendations.

• To avoid broken pipes, please disconnect hoses, wyes and other devices from your outside hose bibbs and frost-free valves. For a frost-free to drain properly it must vent.

• Do not leave any water faucets running or dripping during the winter season. This practice places unnecessary wear on our pumps, and exposes your home to a risk of freeze damage should the water stop flowing.

• Parking is not permitted on our community roads. Park your vehicles in your driveway, well off LRAA roads. Be sure to inform your renters and visitors of this requirement as well. It’s important to keep roadways clear for emergency vehicles as well as for snow management operations.

• Maximum road speed limit is 15 mph unless winter conditions require a slower speed. The speed limit applies to cars as well as snowmobiles and any other type of motorized vehicle. Please use common sense, be courteous, and slow down.

• Cars, snowmobiles, skiers, pedestrians, and snow removal equipment can be found traveling simultaneously on our narrow community roads. When snow levels increase, it is often difficult to see others, particularly at corners and intersections, so please use caution.

• During snow removal operations, flying and blowing snow makes it difficult for the operator to see you. Please pull to the side and do not pass snow removal equipment until you are signaled by the operator that it is safe to do so. Stay at least 150 feet away from moving plows and blowers.

• Avoid water system markers. The Association has placed tall, colored markers around the development to identify water system valves, buried obstacles, and fire standpipes while snow is on the ground. To protect both people and equipment, please do not move the markers or drive cars or snowmobiles into or near them.

• Be prepared to be snowbound. Winter can bring serious weather conditions to the upper Methow Valley. Low temperatures can linger, heavy snowfall can occur, power can fail and trees may block roads. Although these conditions are an infrequent occurrence, it pays to be prepared.

For more information, please review our complete list of Winter Guidelines.

• Water Meter Project Update – November 2016

In 2012 we were notified by the State of Washington that we would be required to install water meters onto all of our individual service connections by January of 2017. Our Association formed some committees to figure how to meet this requirement. 

At the member meeting in 2014, the board presented a plan to the membership outlining how we would accomplish the task, including a funding proposal, which the membership approved.

Special assessments collected with our regular billings in 2015 and 2016 provided funding for this project. The work of this project took place over the summers of 2015 and 2016. The physical work of this project is now complete; we have met the requirements of the new law.

F&S Excavation, owned by Andy Oosterof and his operator Toby Pennock did an outstanding job at the physical job and the way they managed their business. We were lucky to have them as a contractor.

The objective of the whole project is to encourage everyone to conserve and assure that the Association only uses the volume of water allocated in our permits. The work of getting us ready to electronically read our meters and collect/manage the data is in progress. Read more →

For more information:
→ Water Meter Project FAQ

• Garbage & Recycling

LRAA community garbage & recycling are paid for through LRAA membership dues and intended solely for LRAA members and their guests. Community dumpsters are for household trash ONLY. Glass should also go into the dumpsters or be taken to Methow Recycles in Twisp. The rest of your clean recyclables, except glass, go into the co-mingled recycle bin:

  • All kinds of paper & cardboard (except dairy cartons, juice box-type containers, and waxed boxes)
  • Aluminum & tin cans
  • All plastics from food & household products
  • Plastic film, aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins

What’s recyclable in the Methow Valley?
What about other waste?

We appreciate everyone’s continued efforts in keeping the Waste/Recycling Shed tidy, especially during busy times.

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