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• Water Meter Construction on Final Stretch!

 → View/download Water Outage Map for September 19th – 22nd Work

  • The general plan is to complete everything on the upper level between the runway and the lower level first. This is probably around 4 weeks of work. Second we will tackle all of the area between the runway and the county road. I guess this to be about 6 weeks of work. Then we will move and complete the lower area near the river which I guess at about 3 weeks. There may be a pause for the river to get lower before we start in the lower area.
  • The contractor is generally going to work four ten hour days, Monday through Thursday. No outages or road closures should span a weekend. No planned outages would last overnight.
  • Last year people were contacting me to say that they wanted us to schedule our work around something they had going on to avoid outages. This cannot be done. We will make every effort to minimize outages and I am happy to hear people’s concerns in case there is a way we can help them, but the bottom line is that we are going continue our work as scheduled.
  • Members should remember to flush their water systems after work is done in their neighborhood.
  • Members who want options added to their installation need to have those options paid for before we arrive in their neighborhoods (see fees below).
  • Please feel free to contact Walt anytime with questions. Be sure to select “Water Meter Project” from the topic dropdown on the contact form.


Fees for Extra Water Meter Related Work:

  • Installation of new connection to the water main – $1,400
  • Installation of a Stop & Waste Valve (outside of the meter vault) – $340
  • Installation of Frost-free Spigot (installed at the water meter) – $215
  • Installation of Stop & Waste Valve + Frost-free Spigot (installed at the water meter) – $555
  • Upsizing to a 1 1/2″ Meter and Vault – $2,100
  • Mobilize Contractor – $250
    Part of the economy of this project is based on doing all the work in a neighborhood at one time. Occasionally a member has asked that we do a piece of work before or after we have installed meters in their neighborhood. The fee to mobilize the contractor while not already working in the area is $250.

IMPORTANT! If you want any of the mentioned add-ons installed, please send a check for the noted amount to LRAA (PO Box 1272, Winthrop WA 98862) with a note indicating what you are paying for, your parcel number and contact info. Please do this ASAP – before the contractor installs your water meter. Note that this cost is only good at the time the meter is being installed. The only way to order these options is to make the appropriate payment to the Association before the contractor installs your meter. Questions? Please contact the Association.

The 2015 Water Meter Project Experience
Last summer we completed almost exactly half of the water meter installations. We were very pleased with the contractor we were working with, finding their quality of work excellent, their ability to locate stuff underground almost unbelievable and their methods extremely economical. We are pleased that we will be able to work with them again this summer.

For more information:

→ LRAA Water System Report (January 2016)
→ Water Meter Project FAQ
→ Water Meter Project Page

• Burn Ban is in Effect!

in unincorporated areas of the County.

Fire Safety Burn Ban in Okanogan County • Effective June 27, 2016

Effective immediately and continues through September 30, 2016, unless otherwise posted.

Under the ban, agricultural burning and outdoor burning of yard waste are prohibited. The use of gas- or charcoal-fired barbecues is allowed on private land.

Methow Valley News article with burn ban summary:

DNR Fire Danger Burn Ban (East Cascades) • Effective July 2, 2016

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced there will be a burn ban starting July 2 on DNR-protected lands east of the crest of the Cascade Mountains.

The ban will be in effect through September 30, 2016 or until fire dangers abate. The eastern Washington burn ban applies to state forests, state parks and forestlands under DNR fire protection. All outdoor burning is banned including the use of charcoal briquettes. Recreational fires in approved fire pits within designated state, county, municipal or other campgrounds are allowed. Fires powered by gas stoves are allowed.

Fireworks, and incendiary devices, such as exploding targets, sky lanterns or tracer ammunition are illegal throughout the county on both private and public lands!

Additional Burn Ban Information:

Okanogan County (509) 422-7100
DNR (509) 684-7474
U.S. Forest Service Methow Ranger District at (509) 996-4003
Washington State Parks Eastern Region Fire Ban
Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) (State lands)

Fireworks Illegal in National Forests

Fireworks of any kind are illegal on all national forests. Forest Service personnel will be on the lookout for the illegal possession or use of fireworks in the national forest, and have been instructed to confiscate any fireworks they discover.

There are monetary penalties for fireworks possession on the national forest. Violators can be subject to a citation and fine with a maximum penalty of $5,000 or up to six months in jail. Anyone who starts a wildfire can be held liable for suppression costs. Those costs can be substantial, often running into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

• 2016 Dues & Fees

Annual Association Dues: $459/year (same amount as 2015)
Annual Water Fees: $297/year (same amount as 2015)

2016 Special Assessments
Related Water System Charges – Year 2: $175 per water right (less than 2015)
Water Meter Installation – Year 2: $439 per water meter installed (less than 2015)

• Garbage & Recycling

LRAA community garbage & recycling are paid for through LRAA membership dues and intended solely for LRAA members and their guests. Community dumpsters are for household trash ONLY. Glass should also go into the dumpsters or be taken to Methow Recycles in Twisp. The rest of your clean recyclables, except glass, go into the co-mingled recycle bin:

  • All kinds of paper & cardboard (except dairy cartons, juice box-type containers, and waxed boxes)
  • Aluminum & tin cans
  • All plastics from food & household products
  • Plastic film, aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins

What’s recyclable in the Methow Valley?
What about other waste?

We appreciate everyone’s continued efforts in keeping the Waste/Recycling Shed tidy, especially during busy times.

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