• Snow Plowing & Garbage Shed Updates

This is a friendly reminder to check the roads in front of your property to make sure vehicles, equipment, and toys are removed from the right-of-way so that the Pennock’s can keep our roads clear. 

With the snow beginning to accumulate in Lost River we had our first snow plow of the season on Tuesday. However, the plow was unable to complete one of the roads in the community due to equipment left in the right-of-way. 

Remember that if you want to have your own driveway plowed you can contact one of the following to make arrangements: Pennock Construction, Palm Construction, or Snowtime Removal.

One more friendly reminder about the garbage shed. 
The vast majority of community members are doing a great job breaking down their boxes and putting only household garbage in the dumpster. Thank you. However, we are still having a problem with a few people overloading the dumpsters with construction waste (we get charged extra when the dumpster lids don’t close all the way) and with people leaving household items such as chairs, tvs, and kitchen stuff on the floor in the shed. 

The shed is NOT a 2nd hand store.
 Most of the used items left in the shed end up getting thrown in the dumpster and sent to the landfill. Please take responsibility for your own “extras” and make the effort to bring them directly to a second hand store. Both the Methow Valley Community Center and The Thrifty Fox in Twisp will take small household items, clothes, and books.

Thank you doing your part to help keep the Lost River community a great place for everyone.

• 2019 Budget, Dues and Fees

View 2019 LRAA Approved Budget

Annual Association Dues: $619/year
Annual Water Fees: $297/year

• LRAA President’s Message

Read Kevin’s Fall Update

• LRAA Rules

The speed limit on Association roads is 15mph maximum. This is for both safety and dust control. The Board has received numerous complaints of speeding lately. This 15pmh speed limit applies to all users of Association roads, including visitors and contractors. Any Lost River member should feel comfortable educating our road users of the speed limit.

Please be aware that the LRAA dumpsters are for household waste only. Materials such as yard waste and construction debris should not be put in the dumpsters. Appliances and large items are not allowed in the dumpsters or dumpster area. Lately, inappropriate items – including but not limited to tires, old BBQs, doors, and bikes – have been left in or outside the dumpster area. These and all similar items should be legally disposed of in Twisp by their owners. The Association incurs extra labor and disposal charges when these types of items are dumped on Association property.

More information here:

When outdoor fires are allowed, unattended outdoors fires are not allowed anywhere within the Association. Unattended fires are not allowed on lands under DNR jurisdiction, which includes LRAA. Outside fires should not be left actively burning, smoldering, or smoking. Individuals within the Association are responsible for knowing and practicing safe fire management practices. Please do NOT burn outside if you are not able to actively supervise your fire and put it out correctly.

More information here:

Fireworks are NOT ALLOWED within LRAA at any time. The use of fireworks is prohibited by county statute in unincorporated Okanogan county, and therefore prohibited in Lost River.

Check the LRAA website or the Okanogan county website for updates as June 30th approaches. The Association follows both the county ban and the DNR/Forest Service ban on fires – whichever one occurs first. The Association will put out signs at both entrances to the Association as soon as is possible after the burn ban is announced. However, everyone within the Association is expected to follow the county and /or Forest Service rules on open fires whether or not the LRAA signs are posted.

• Garbage & Recycling

LRAA community garbage & recycling are paid for through LRAA membership dues and intended solely for LRAA members and their guests. Community dumpsters are for household trash ONLY. Glass should also go into the dumpsters or be taken to Methow Recycles in Twisp. The rest of your clean recyclables, except glass, go into the co-mingled recycle bin:

  • All kinds of paper & cardboard (except dairy cartons, juice box-type containers, and waxed boxes)
  • Aluminum & tin cans
  • All plastics from food & household products
  • Plastic film, aluminum foil and aluminum pie tins

We appreciate everyone’s continued efforts in keeping the Waste/Recycling Shed tidy, especially during busy times.

• Updated Finance Policies

Finance Policy

Updated November 2017
Each year, a considerable number of Members fail to pay their dues and fees by the March 31st due date. As a result, the Association incurs additional administrative burden and costs calculating interest, sending reminder invoices and encouraging those Members to pay.

In an attempt to reduce those costs, the Association is instituting a new late fee, and shortening the timing of both lien filings and instituting foreclosure.

Delinquent Dues and Fees: Any disputes or billing discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the board as promptly as possible. In the event a dispute arises, only the part of your account in dispute may be withheld from payment. The balance not in dispute must be paid according to the standard terms. Past due invoices will be mailed each quarter. The board may take additional action to collect past due amounts as it deems necessary.

As per LRAA By-laws the delinquent member is responsible for paying not only the past due amounts plus lawful interest, but all fees associated with collecting the delinquent balance including attorney, lien and foreclosure fees.

Late Payment Fee: Members who have not fully paid their LRAA dues and fees by the last day of March will be charged a late payment fee of $50. The fee will recur quarterly until payment in full is made.

Lien Filing:  A lien will be filed against the property of a Member with an unpaid balance on October 1st of $1000 or more. A lien also may be filed against the property of a Member with an unpaid balance for 24 months. All costs and fees associated with the lien will be added to the amount due from the Member.

Foreclosure: Foreclosure action will be initiated against the property of any Member whose unpaid balance reaches $2000. Foreclosure action may also be initiated against the property of any Member who has an unpaid balance of any amount for 24 months. Association costs and fees incurred during the foreclosure process will be added to the amount due from the Member.

Interest on unpaid amounts: Interest shall be charged on all unpaid amounts, including fees and outstanding interest, at a rate of 12% per annum, compounded monthly beginning April 1st, until the account balance is paid in full.

On behalf of the Board and LRAA membership, we thank you in advance for your understanding and support of these new finance policies.

Please visit the LRAA Finance Policy page for information regarding other related policies.

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