Community & Airstrip Guidelines

Community Guidelines

  1. Fireworks are not allowed at any time in Lost River.
  2. No fires are allowed when a Burn Ban is in effect. Unattended outside fires are not allowed in Lost River, regardless of Burn Ban status.
  3. Speed limit is 15 MPH for all motorized vehicles.
  4. No hunting or discharge of firearms is allowed.
  5. County, USFS, and Association Fire Bans must be followed by all members. Fireworks are not allowed in unincorporated Okanogan County and therefore are not allowed at any time within Lost River.
  6. Be respectful of your neighbors at all times.

Airstrip Behavioral Guidelines

  1. The runway must be kept clear for pilots to use when aircraft are in the area.
  2. People, vehicles and pets must clear the runway, taxiway and roadway at either end of the airstrip for aircraft.
  3. At all times travel across runway is limited to extreme east and west taxiways of the airstrip.
  4. At all times travel along runway is limited to extreme north and south taxiways of the airstrip.
  5. When an aircraft is approaching the airstrip, no traffic may cross the ends of the airstrip and traffic on the roads/taxiways adjacent to the runway must stop.
  6. Speeding and/or racing on or near the runway is prohibited.

Also see Revised and Restated LRAA Bylaws, Article 13.01