Garbage Information

LRAA community dumpsters are paid for through LRAA membership dues and intended solely for LRAA members and their guests.

LRAA community dumpsters are for household trash ONLY, including glass. Recyclables, except glass, should be placed in the co-mingled recycle bins.

  • Dumpsters are not to be used for building materials and toxic waste. Please leave no construction materials, hazardous waste or large items in the dumpster or recycling area.
  • When our dumpster lids do not close, our association incurs extra charges. Please distribute refuse so that it is remains below the top of the dumpster.
  • Please keep all garbage and garbage receptacles indoors to avoid encouraging any pests or wildlife, and to help keep our community clean.

We appreciate your attention to these matters!

Please note that the following items are prohibited:

Bio-med of any kind: This includes, but is not limited to hypodermic syringes, or needles. Tubes containing blood, body fluids or liquids, wet bloody saturated gauze or bandages, body parts or pieces.

Hazardous Waste: Explosives, oil, gas, paints, fertilizers, cleaners liquids, etc [a product is hazardous if the label mentions the words Pesticide, Caustic, Acid, flammable, Warning, Danger or Poison] Also, no cylinders, propane, welding gases etc.

Household appliances, televisions and other electronics, batteries or tires:

Twisp Transfer Station
(509) 997-2025
Twisp Transfer Station Hazardous Waste Disposal Information (PDF)

WasteWise Methow
(509) 997-8862 • Casey Bouchard

Appliance Recycling
Depending on the situation, LRAA member Danny Matthews may be able to advise you regarding how/where to responsibly dispose of your appliance(s). He has many years of experience in the appliance industry. Click to email Danny.