LRAA Winter Advisory

Lost River Airport Association welcomes you during this beautiful Winter Season!
Please read and observe the following and ensure that your guests do the same. Our community works with local contractors to conduct snow removal operations. Please be mindful of their presence in our community, for their safety and for your own.

  • Disconnect Hoses: To avoid broken pipes, please disconnect hoses, wyes and other devices from your outside hose bibbs and frost-free valves. For a frost-free valve to drain properly it must vent and if it cannot, it will freeze and break.
  • Do not leave water running/dripping during the cold season: This practice places undue wear on our pumps, and places your home at a greater risk of freeze damage should the water stop flowing. The optimal practice is to set up your residence so it can easily be purged of water and left with an empty system. Alternatives are to leave heat on low, wrap pipes with heat tape, place a heater in the crawl space, and all the while making certain your heating is fire safe! Please keep in mind that electricity outages frequently occur in the Methow during winter storms, and that our water system can fail.
  • System Markers: The Association has placed tall, colored markers around the development to identify water system valves, buried obstacles, and fire standpipes while snow is on the ground. To protect both people and equipment, please do not move the markers or drive cars or snowmobiles into or near them.
  • Maximum road speed limit is 15 mph: This applies to cars as well as snowmobiles and any other type of motorized vehicle. During mud and snow season even 15 mph can be too fast. Please use common sense, be courteous, and slow down appropriately.
  • Limited Visibility: Cars, snowmobiles, skiers, pedestrians, and snow removal equipment can be found traveling simultaneously on our narrow community roads. When snow levels increase, it is often difficult to see others, particularly at corners and intersections. During snow removal, flying and blowing snow makes it difficult for the operator to see you. Please pull to the side and do not pass snow removal equipment until you are signaled by the operator that it is safe to do so. Stay at least 150 feet away from moving plows and blowers. Note also that snow removal equipment may be traveling on the “left” side of the road.
  • Parking is not permitted on our community roads: Please park all vehicles in your designated driveway, well off LRAA roads. This is imperative for emergency vehicle access as well as for snow management operations. It is every member’s responsibility to keep their driveway clear of snow and available for their parking needs.
  • Flying Objects: Rocks, firewood, driveway markers, and snow play equipment left in and near roads can pose a danger to snowmobiles, skiers, and snow removal equipment. If you see such items lying where they should not be, please move them well off the road and help keep everyone safer.
  • Snow Berms: The LRAA snowplow may push snow into a driveway creating a berm, a fact of life in snow-country. Removal of this berm is the responsibility of the person maintaining the driveway. (You may be interested in reviewing the LRAA Snow Removal Guidelines.)
  • Children and Pets: Please watch children closely and keep pets under control and away from operating machinery.
  • Operating Snowmobiles: Operating snowmobiles on LRAA roads and on/along the taxiway is permitted, but please limit riding time to reasonable hours and observe the 15 mph speed limit. This is for your safety and the safety of others, and out of courtesy and respect for those who own property in our community. Your sled should be muffled as required, and please avoid idling and revving the engine unnecessarily. Please keep your sled out of other community members’ property. Operations should be in accordance with State and County snowmobile regulations.
  • Other Motorized Recreation: Our roads are designed for travel to and from LRAA properties, and not for motorized recreation. Please use ATVs, motorcycles, or other type of motorized recreational vehicles in a SnoPark or other authorized area for recreation.
  • Winter Season Quiet: Please observe the hours between 10 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. as quiet time (per Okanogan county code).
  • Bright Outdoor Lights: Lights such as sodium vapor lighting and undirected porch lighting should be turned off when not required. Enjoy the starlight! Festive, holiday lighting is welcome.
  • Weather Conditions: Winter can bring serious weather conditions to the upper Methow Valley. Temperatures can linger in the teens or even sub-zero for days at a time. While snow often falls in depths of 5-10” at a time, 3 feet can fall during a storm as well. In the midst of storms and cold temperatures, power can fail and trees may block roads. During extreme snow storms, snow removal may also be suspended, although this is an infrequent occurrence. Please take proper measures to ensure that you and yours are prepared to be snowbound.
  • Please note that we are a Rural Residential Community and consideration for your neighbors is of the utmost importance.