Nightly Rentals Information

At this time, LRAA does not restrict the proportion of houses in the Lost River Airport Tracts that can be rented. The current Revised and Restated Bylaws of the Lost River Airport Tracts Association do not address nightly rentals. However, the Bylaws can be amended by vote of LRAA members, so nightly rentals could be addressed in the future.

Individual property owners are responsible for knowing and complying with county rules, regulations, and permitting requirements regarding property rentals. Okanogan County is responsible for enforcing those rules.

According to our bylaws, LRAA property owners are expected to inform their renters of the applicable rules and policies approved and adopted by LRAA members, including guidelines regarding community behavior, speed limits, airstrip use, garbage disposal, and recycling.

Article 13 Obligation of Owners
13.03 Members, renters, lessees and guests – All Members, including their occupant families, guests, and tenants, shall have the obligation to comply with these Bylaws, the Architectural Standards, and all other policies and rules adopted by the Association for the safety and well being of everyone living in or visiting Lost River Airport Tracts. Each Member who rents or leases or allows occasional guests to use their property shall provide each renter, lessee or guest with a copy of the Renter/Lessee/Guest Rules, which are available on the LRAA website (development in progress, 07/13/16).

WHAT? The change imposes a requirement on members to share with their renters, and occasional guests a set of rules to be developed and posted on the website.

WHY? We often believe that our speed limit, trash requirements and other rules are broken by those who are not property owners in Lost River. The development and posting of a set of rules will help publicize those rules to temporary visitors and make it less likely they will be broken without knowledge.