LRAA Utility Plumbing Standards

All plumbing in the utility water system of the Lost River Airport Association shall meet the following standards:

  • All underground plumbing shall be a minimum of 5’ under the surface.
  • All underground plumbing shall be set into bedding sand adequate so as to have no contact with the native soil.
  • All underground piping shall be covered with 4”, (2 pieces of 2”) 250lb rigid foam insulation at least 24” wide.
  • The foam insulation shall be covered by a piece of 4 mil visqueen at least 36” wide.
  • All underground piping shall have tracing wire attached. The use of warning ribbon for tracing signals is not acceptable.
  • All underground piping shall be installed with warning ribbon at least 3” wide, buried above the pipe about 12” below the ground.
  • Any time an underground pipe is accessed the contractor shall provide the association with the exact location of the underground pipe, it’s depth, nature of the type of pipe and any other pertinent information.
  • Single service lines shall be a minimum of 1” in diameter.
  • No galvanized or steel plumbing is allowed underground.
  • All spigots shall be of the frost free type with the valve buried at least 5’ underground.